experience is everything with offiCE CLEANING

In addition to arriving on time and with the appropriate cleaning equipment, Spotty Cleaning Service will be efficient and will know just where their time and attention is most needed. Knowing how to sanitize a bathroom or deep-clean a desktop, properly can make all the difference to your workplace. 

We've got the right equipment for the job                     

It might be that you're moving into a new office and don't have the manpower or the equipment to give the place a thorough cleaning. No problem. Not only will Spotty Cleaning Service professionals show up with all the equipment you might expect, but Spotty Cleaning Service professionals will bring a level of intensity and care to their work that means the difference between an average job and an excellent one.

first impressions count

Whether you're interviewing a potential new employee or welcoming a client to your office for the first time, you need to make the best first impression possible. In addition to keeping your office in top condition, the professionals at Spotty Cleaning Service can help you keep tabs on the details that often get overlooked. From ensuring that there's enough hand-sanitizer in the dispensers to changing rolls of bathroom tissue, Spotty Cleaning Service will help your office look and smell its best. 

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